Spa Body Treatments

Parafango Wrap
90 min - $140

The full body parafango wrap is a superior skin conditioning program that leaves the skin feeling smooth and soft. It is also great as an anti stress treatment with phenomenal relaxation properties and detoxifying effects. The treatment includes a whole-body cream exfoliation, after which you are covered in a fango mud/paraffin body masque, and wrapped in wool blankets. This wrap also stimulates breakup of cellulite and reduction of excess water weight.

Avocado Body Butter Mud Masque
45 min - $95

Moisturizing soothing Avocado Body Butter brushed on your entire body, with hot wrap.

Spa Blends Skin Glow
45 min - $75

A complete full body polish gently exfoliates the skin, increases circulation to promote detoxification, and shea butter hydration leaves your skin glowing and youthful. 

Ear candling
45 min - $60

Ear candling is a relaxing method for cleaning and clearing the ear canal of wax, water, and other build-up. A long, slim, hollow cone is rested shallowly inside the ear canal, and the wider end is lit, creating heat and suction that pulls impurities out of the ear canal and into the candle. The process is very soothing and beneficial


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